A Small Care for Environment

Why we exist?

EpicEdu designed and developed by Epic Corporations Pvt Ltd, Epic Corporations was established in March 2018, with a long term vision and clear mission to provide the best quality software services at a very nominal cost to their users and help protect our environment.

More than 500 Rims of papers used a minimum in a small school or a branch of educational Institutes. Same if we go to a college-level then more than 2000 Rims of papers generally used only in India. At University level no count for paper use. So our this project is based on education, our project can reduce up to 99% of paper uses in School's, Colleges and Universities.

1 Rim = Rs 240.00(approx)

500 Rims = 240*500 = Rs. 1,20,000.00(approx)

2000 Rims = 240*2000 = Rs. 4,80,000.00(approx)

Who are we?

We are not developing only software it's a small contribution to save our environment. We are developing futuristic software for the education industry. We are trying to save paper which used in our School, Colleges, and Universities.

This is a software which can reduce the use of paper up to 99% in School's, Colleges and Universities.

We are developing this project to make the School, College's and University's completely paperless. In this software, we are providing facilities to customize features according to use. We are developing to reduce all kinds of education-related work which is necessary for School, College and University (online or without paper).

In future by using our web portal any student can get their all schooling information online, any time anywhere throughout world and any colleges or universities can get any student's all previous schooling as well as all character and development related information online any time anywhere throughout the world, by using unique code or barcode provided by the student. This means we remove the use of paper, carrying documents and document verification time (all data would be uploaded directly from the concerned department with all genuine records).